Too Food is a supplier of high quality European food produce to delicatessens, gourmet food stores, and individuals throughout the UK.

Too Food wholesale supplies of Pasta, Rice, Panettone, Olive oil, Truffle oil, Pesto, Chutneys, Mustards, Honey, Organic Pasta, Balsamic Vinegar to individuals, shops, and delicatessens in England and the UK.

Apple Balsamic Vinegar

Too Food Balsamic Vinegar
Everything we have tried from Andrea at Acetaia San Giacomo is magical to taste, but this is a real favourite.

Made from fresh apples and nothing else, the simplicity of these ingredients can not disguise its outstanding quality which only a tradition passed on through generations and an extensive knowledge of all things balsamic can create.


Too Food Balsamic Vinegar
Too Food Balsamic Vinegar
They stop the long ageing process of the Balsamico Traditionale after 8-10 years, before the final maturation, to produce this exquisite balsamic.

Essenza is a concentrate of intense flavours stemming from the use of the finest grapes and a process of ageing in small oak and chestnut barrels; velvety smooth, it is the perfect accompaniment to grilled meats, hard cheeses, red meats and creamy desserts.


Too Food Saba
Made solely from the grape must which is cooked directly over an open fire to reduce it down to just the right point; to about a third of its original volume.

This concentrate must is known as saba and is an excellent natural sweetener, wonderful on ice-cream, plain cream or with fruits, even on Polenta or fresh soft cheese.

Red Wine Vinegar

Like all of their products this red wine vinegar is made using artisanal methods.

Made from the long natural maturation of Lambrusco wine from the Reggiano region, aged in oak barrels it is a completely natural product containing no colorants or preservatives.