Too Food is a supplier of high quality European food produce to delicatessens, gourmet food stores, and individuals throughout the UK.

Too Food wholesale supplies of Pasta, Rice, Panettone, Olive oil, Truffle oil, Pesto, Chutneys, Mustards, Honey, Organic Pasta, Balsamic Vinegar to individuals, shops, and delicatessens in England and the UK.

Too Food Vinegars
A discovery we are so thankful to have stumbled across on one of our trips to northern Italy is a small producer tucked away in the region which is home to balsamic vinegar, Reggio Emilia. Totally changing our perception of balsamic vinegar, introducing flavours to us we had no idea were achievable and products far superior to any other balsamic we have tried; every taste is memorable and should be treasured.