Too Food is a supplier of high quality European food produce to delicatessens, gourmet food stores, and individuals throughout the UK.

Too Food wholesale supplies of Pasta, Rice, Panettone, Olive oil, Truffle oil, Pesto, Chutneys, Mustards, Honey, Organic Pasta, Balsamic Vinegar to individuals, shops, and delicatessens in England and the UK.

Classic Colomba

Irresistibly moist and fruity the Classic Colomba is the same unsurpassed quality as the Christmas Panettone, topped with a sugar, almond glaze and in the traditional dove shape. The perfect treat to take home for Easter or as a gift over the holiday period.

Chocolate Colomba

Topped with chocolate chips and with chunks of chocolate throughout, this is the ultimate Easter cake for chocolate lovers.

Mini Colomba

The mini, beautifully gift wrapped Colomba. All the same fantastic ingredients and preparation as the bigger ones, just in this very sweet 100g size.